Criminal Law

Serious long term consequences can be suffered as a result of people who are not informed of their legal rights. At MJO Legal, we have solicitors on call, to assist you in any police investigation or any subsquent criminal trial at Court.

We take on matters from Assaults, Drink Driving, AVO’s, Speeding Offences to more serious Criminal charges.

If you are not aware of your rights and the serious consequences resulting in not knowing your rights either shortly after being investigated by the police or being charged with an offence, the you need to contact our team.

Our lawyers have a good working relationship with the local Magistrates, Judges, Police and Police prosecutors. This helps us facilitate your matter to the best possible outcome at the least possible expense.

Our team can help you in relation to:

  • Drink driving and traffic offences;
  • License Appeals;
  • Bail Applications;
  • Hearings on all criminal matters on all criminal matters;
  • Appeals against conviction or sentence or both;
  • Victim Compensation claims

If you are in trouble with the make sure you contact a Solicitor at MJO Legal.

Legal Aid may be available in some circumstances.

Contact: Josh Mudaliar

Phone: 02 6642 2044

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