Debt Recovery & Insolvency

MJO Legal can assist you with managing all processes from setting up your forms for credit applications through to the unfortunately necessary legal action to recover outstanding debts. We aim to assist you to reduce the length of time your debtors are outstanding and recover money to which you are entitled to earlier.

Some of the areas where we can assist with managing your debtors include:

Locating a debtor

This includes searches and enquiries with the ASIC in relation to CompanyDirectors and with LPI NSW (and in other States) in relation to real property owned by debtors and Directors of debtor companies and assisting in locating their assets.


We can make telephone contact with a debtor on your behalf or write to them to endeavour to manage negotiations for payment of the debt

Court proceedings

We can take the necessary and appropriate legal action to obtain a Court judgment in your favour and enforce that judgment


We can assist you with and guide you through the corporate and personal insolvency processes to recover from your debtors and also provide alternatives for debtors and companies to work through their financial difficulties

Debt management

We can assist you to establish “best practice” debt management systems including for example renewing the terms and conditions upon which you grant credit, forms of application for your customers to seek credit with you and letters of demand for outstanding debts

Contact: Peter James

Phone: 02 6642 2044

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