Public Notary

PAUL O’CONNOR, Partner, in addition to his admission as a Solicitor, was on 5 April 2001, appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW as a Public Notary, in accordance with the provisions of the Public Notaries Act, 1997.

Paul can assist you with:

  • Witnessing the execution of documents and certifying as to the due execution of that document for use in Australia and overseas countries;
  • Preparing and certify as to the execution of Powers of Attorney, Wills, Deeds, Contracts or other legal documents for use in Australia and overseas countries;
  • Administer oaths for all other Australian and international documents;
  • Witness signatures and the swearing of Affidavits, Statutory Declarations and other documents on oath for use in Australia or other countries;
  • Verify and certify copy documents for use in Australia and internationally.

Contact: Paul O’Connor

Phone: 02 6642 2044

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